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Guest - Angelica Velasquez
Is there any more info regarding the horse and vehicle accident? Any information about the rider?
Guest - John
He killed himself
Guest - Bonnie Clark
The last time this happened here was about 20 years ago. It to was in Turlock and we actually had a ...
Guest - sunny brawley
Great job guys
Justice will be served behind bars....inmates don't take kindly to people who hurt kids and old peop...
Guest - j. nunes
When the blnews broadcasts people dying I immediately empathize with their families. Often times the...
Guest - Cat Allard
I'm guessing your mom suddenly remembered you were her daughter and purposely ran into the tree.
Guest - Karla priest
I lived throu a awfull flood in manteca the last one that did sooo much damage we stayed at the seni...
Guest - CVTV

Sorry for your loss. We would encourage you to contact the California Highway Patrol fo...
Guest - John
Thank you for remembering this wonderful little girl who was stolen from us. May God rest her soul.
Guest - Veronica Correia
Nice try, but this is bullshit. If you're going to post a story that doesn't have her name or any in...
Guest - Donna Hale-Goforth
At least he was attempting to defend His Child, unlike many participating and abusing and/or murderi...
Guest - Amber Speed
I live around the corner from where this happened. Went to go see what was going on about 9am this m...
Guest - Pilar
My condolences to the family of the man that got hit by the train. This is the reason why they shoul...
Guest - Mister
What was the cause of the fire?
Guest - Diana
Did the driver stay on scene? The number of hit-and-runs lately have been despicable!
Guest - kimberly
Sooo, sad my niece never came home from school yesterday, we filed a missing persons report yesterda...
Guest - Robert
I don't understand that the if the police received a call of a stabbing on Saturday afternoon at 5:0...
Guest - Rachelle
So sad for the family
Guest - Joyce H Maasey
Very good opened my eyes! Let so. Calif ration their water and leave our water alone NO TUNNElS!!!!...