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An investigator looks into the remains of the home where a gunman shot and killed a civilian and deputy serving an eviction. Photo by Marty Bicek.

Today Save Mart Supermarkets announced they are removing Lean Finely Trimmed Beef from all of its ground meat products in Save Mart, Lucky, S-Mart Foods, FoodMaxx, and Maxx Value Foods stores.

The supermarket chain states it wants to be responsive to increasing consumer concerns, and have offered alternative selections of ground beef from producers such as Organic Prairie, Harris Ranch, and Laura's which contain no lean finely trimmed beef.

Though lean finely trimmed beef is known to be safe and endorsed by the USDA, the chain is dropping the product until all of their ground beef can be produced without it. Meat specialists are available to answer questions and concerns on quality preparation, and proper selection.

Monday, 19 March 2012 07:42

No Injuries In Downtown Modesto Accident

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No injuries were reported in a traffic accident that blocked the intersection of 12th and J streets in downtown Modesto early Monday afternoon.

The accident, involving a dark Toyota sedan and a white SUV, resulted in a roll over with the occupant of the SUV pinned in.

Two City of Modesto Employees, Brian Phillips and Mike Sacuskie, were walking back to work from lunch when they witnessed the accident.

"We were right across the street," Phillips said "We ran across as soon as it happened to see if we could help." Phillips managed to climb onto the passenger side of the SUV, which was rolled onto its driver's side to see if the occupant was injured. "I almost broke the window, which was half down, but the glass would have fallen on her."

Rescue crews arrived within minutes and were able to assist the woman out of her vehicle.

"The crazy thing is that is my exact vehicle." Phillips said. "Same make, color, and model. We timed the lights wrong walking back from lunch, we would have been standing in the exact spot where the SUV landed."

West America Bank suffered a broken window from the impact of the vehicle.

Stanislaus SWAT serves a warrant on Rosemont in West Modesto.

Responding to a recent general increase in violent gang related criminal activity throughout Stanislaus County, local law enforcement agencies have combined their resources and collaborated together to increase their effectiveness and individual efforts. This joint effort is a proactive investigative measure to combat gang activity and developed into the service of several search warrants executed today. These mutual efforts were in response to the broad rise in criminal street gang incidents throughout the Stanislaus County area.

Numerous agencies participated in the service of these search warrants including the Modesto Police Department, Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department, Ceres Police Department, Turlock Police Department, and the FBI. Although this is a continuing joint endeavor, an immediate result of these combined efforts resulted in the search warrants served throughout Stanislaus County earlier today.

Vigorously combating any increase in criminal activity, sharing criminal knowledge, and prudently using valuable resources represent a few of the beneficial outcomes of combining the resources of all involved agencies. This is an ongoing investigative effort between all involved agencies and detectives as they continue to work throughout the day processing the results of these search warrants.