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Thursday, 21 March 2013 01:31

Investigations Begin In Hostage Standoff

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Authorities on Thursday morning began multiple investigations on an hours long hostage standoff that ended with an officer involved shooting.

An administrative investigation, an officer involved shooting investigation, as well as a separate investigation from the district attorney's office are all taking place at a home on Evona Court.

Officers opened fire on an armed man in the home during an attempt to rescue an injured elderly woman, presumably his wife. The man died from the shooting. He was armed with a revolver.

Lieutenant Rick Armendariz, a spokesman for the Modesto Police Department, said the woman's health was declining and required medical attention.

The incident began Wednesday evening at about 6pm. Police responded to the residence for a report of a disturbance. Authorities were confronted by the man who threatened to open fire on officers if they made any attempt to approach.

Negotiators were called to the scene to attempt to reason with him. Officials note that he became more aggressive as the standoff unfolded, at one point threatening to set fire to the home.

Officials will continue to investigate throughout the day.

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