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Guest - Miguel
It would be very good if they forced them to take homeless people in Ceres down Herndon Avenue and t...
Guest - Susan
1 girl:
Size small, size 1 in Juniors and 7.5 shoe

3 boys
size 10 boys and size 3 sho...
Guest - Leo
So sad! With Uber and Lyft services available! This shouldn’t have happened!
Guest - Tawyna
Any new updates?
Guest - Janis Kuhn
Too bad right before Christmas too....
Guest - Michelle
I wonder if this is the same bus driver that was driving down Kinshire Way at a high rate of speed o...
Guest - John Gunderson
Very sad for his family and for Dave.
Guest - Deidra
How many more people have to die at the hands of officers before there's a change in the way things ...
Guest - John
Probably an illegal alien.
Guest - Teresa L Fulkerson
Did they release the name of the victim?
Guest - Teresa L Fulkerson
Did they release the name of the victim?
Guest - Lynne
Monday evening this shooting was a accident waiting to happen last week a drive by same house shots ...
Guest - Steven Garrad
That's so sad what causes people to do this? And no it's not Trump's fault people this is so tragic!
This brought a big smile to my face WTG Jasen ! Congrats to you. This is such an awesome story.. I ...
Guest - Lorraine J Freeman
Who was the judge?
Guest - Brandi
So glad to see Justice.
amen for Seth
Guest - Marsha
Thank you. MPD RIP Seth!!!!
Guest - Mike
Did have a license and insurance probably not being he was not wearing his seatbelt killhim and two ...
Guest - Regina Madrid
I live in the Mendocino area close to the golf course are we going to get the same information about...