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Monday, 19 December 2016 17:18

Man Sets Fire to Home, Occupants Escape Through Window

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Man Sets Fire to Home, Occupants Escape Through Window

LOS BANOS - A 21 year old was arrested after setting fire to a home with two girls inside Sunday afternoon.

Police responded to the home on the 1400 block of Pintail Circle after receiving a report of a structure fire, and arrived to find 21 year old Carlos Castillo in front of the house. Castillo was detained by officers after making suspicious comments regarding the fire.

Castillo resisted officers as he was taken into custody, trying to run away. An additional officer and sergeant arrived and surrounded Castillo who began reaching into his waistband and approaching the officers. Castillo began shouting for the officers to kill him.

One officer deployed a taser causing Castillo to fall to the ground. He was placed into handcuffs and detained. No weapon was found on his person.

Police contacted an 18 year old woman and a 10 year old girl who were inside of the home and escaped the fire through a window. They told officers that Castillo was inside acting strangely, so they fled upstairs and locked themselves in a room. A short time later they smelled smoke as Castillo set fire to the home.

The two escaped the fire by falling through a window, causing a laceration to the ten year old's arm as well as other injuries. They both were also suffering from smoke inhalation. Both were transported to a hospital for care.

During questioning, police learned that Castillo had set fire to the home. He was placed under arrest without bail and faces charges including arson, aggravated arson, child endangerment causing bodily injury and resisting arrest.

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