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Monday, 12 December 2016 15:13

Modesto Police Officers Caught Doing Good

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Modesto Police Officers Caught Doing Good Photo: Facebook

MODESTO - Two officers with the Modesto Police Department were caught spreading a little holiday joy over the weekend.

While on patrol, the officers stopped randomly at a few locations with surprise gifts for neighborhood children.

"We were having a bbq and this police officer was patrolling the area when he saw my son and nephews playing outside," one person wrote to the Modesto Police Facebook page.

"He stopped his car and gave toys to each one of them. It was a really nice gesture," the post continued. In a photo, the officer posed with children holding toys and a basketball.

Another officer was caught on camera also giving children some toys.

"Grateful for our Modesto Police Department.... this was so sweet to see today... spreading love and joy to our community..."

While out for pizza, a family noticed an officer walking up to them to say hello. Beliving they were going to get stickers, the kids were in for a surprise.

"As he was walking up the boys were all excited," the post read. "They thought he was going to give them stickers and he brings out some toy trucks for them. Thank you for the time you took to come and talk to the boys and give them an awesome gift! You made their day even better!"

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