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Sunday, 08 September 2013 17:46

Local Business Helps Travel Sports Teams

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Youth sports teams have enough to deal with as it is. Practice, equipment, uniforms, fundraisers and more. The unnecessary but necessary headache of booking a hotel for travel tournaments and out of town games is thrown into the mix as well. It takes time, and effort to research and find the right hotel. Time that can be spent elsewhere.

That's where a local business, Athletic Accommodations comes in. The service they provide is simple. All the research and negotiations for traveling teams takes place behind the scenes. They research locations, negotiate rates, and handle contracts all for the sports team. This all comes at the whopping cost of free.

The service is targeted to finding the best rates for the teams' budget. This takes pressure off the team coordinators, and helps them save money that could be used elsewhere to support the team.

Founder Nikki Hoffman, who is a decade long veteran of the hospitality industry, noticed the need for the service after getting phone calls from coaches who needed help with traveling accommodations. By forming the company and providing the service, she has been able to make the traveling process seamless and keep teams focused on their game.

Check out Athletic Accommodations online at the following links:

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