Woman Kidnapped, Raped By Brother

On January 6, 2013 the Merced County Sheriff’s Office made an arrest where a 26 year old woman was kidnapped against her will in Temple City Los Angeles, taken to Planada where she was held against her will and forcibly sexually assaulted.

The suspect, Apolinar Cortez 48 of Planada drove to Los Angeles with an accomplice, took the victim from her residence by force at knife point stating he would kill her if she didn’t do what he said late Friday night. The suspects then drove her to Cortez’s place of residence, a converted shack in the 100 block of Topeka Ave in Planada, arriving early Saturday morning. The second suspect then left while Cortez had sexual intercourse against the victim’s will stating he would kill her unless she did what he said. The victim is the biological sister of the suspect. Their relationship prior to this incident is unknown as to how often they spoke or got along. It is also unknown at this time how long he has harbored these feelings.

The victim was trapped inside the shed until Cortez left to get breakfast Sunday morning. The victim was able to escape, made contact with people who lived nearby and told them what had happened. They in turned called the Sheriff’s Office who responded and was able to locate and take Cortez into custody without incident as he was leaving the store he had breakfast. Detectives Dwayne Pavelski and Roberto Torres responded to process the crime scene and interview the suspect. Cortez confessed to the crimes stating he was in love with his sister.

The second suspect is still outstanding and anyone who may have seen him near the residence of knows anything about the case is urged to contact the Sheriff’s Office at 209-385-7472.

Cortez remains in custody in lieu of 1.17 million dollars on kidnapping with rape, rape, false imprisonment and incest.

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